duminică, 9 septembrie 2012

I couldnt forget him, so I lost her.

I love HER.
Cause she was the one that tried herder and harder to understand me. She loved me. She was always here standing by my side. She never left. She was like a warm wind, but I wasn't something good for her. I've never know how to talk about her, she is special for me and... I don't know how to define someone like. She's the kind of person that could never be replaced. If I'd be a boy, she'd be my soulmate.
I've never know how to treat her right or how to keep her fine. I wasnt a good friend. Maybe I'll never be... She is always on my mind and I can remember how we laugh together. The worst feeling in the world is seeing her sad, and even this I'm useless.
She's different. She's awesome. She was-is-will be forever in my heart. She's more than a friend... she's a part of my soul.


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