luni, 23 iulie 2012

One star, one girl.

See the stars who shine brighter and brighter every night? I told them that he's the one, but they don't seemed to care, they just laughted harder and harder mocking me and saying that I'm stupid.
I didn't know how such selfishness can exist in such a beautiful things. I cried at them and then walked away on a strange corner where wasn't any star to annoy me,  then I weeped all my tears away.
Suddenly I saw a little star that asked me if I'm O.K.
"No, these stars are mocking me."
"I told them how perfect is he for me, how much I love him and that I miss him terribly. I told them that he's the one, but these selfish stars didn't believe any word, more than this.. laughted at me."
"Oh.. don't cry, I'll be your star for a while, I'll guide you to him and I'll stick your hearts forever."
"But you're so little, how can you do this?"
"Big ideas come from little ones. If you have faith in me, I'll do whatever you want me to do."

Mi-am pus o dorinta intr-o zi de iulie
Iar acea dorinta
Mi te aducea pe tine.
[ Nu stiu daca am scris corect.. am si eu lipsurile mele... ]

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